Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cruise Ship Returns to Port After Propulsion Damage

The Carnival Cruise Line ship Carnival Splendor returned to the Port of Long Beach a day behind schedule Jan. 14 after repair work had to be performed to repair damage to its propulsion system caused by fishing nets in Mexico during a previous cruise in early January.

The repair work, which had been scheduled for the night of Jan. 10 in Mexico, took longer than scheduled, causing the delay, according to the cruise line. After a several-hour delay, the ship left Puerto Vallarta the afternoon of Jan. 11 for the two-day trip back to Southern California.

All the ship’s services continued to function normally while the repairs were performed, according to the cruise line.

Due to the delay, passengers that were scheduled to leave from Long Beach on a Mexican cruise Jan. 13 had their departure delayed by a day. As a result, Carnival shortened the trip from six days to five and gave passengers a one-day refund and $50 credit. They were also given the option of canceling their trip without incurring any fees.

The 952-foot Carnival Splendor, which has a 3,006-passenger capacity and an onboard crew of more than 1,100, was launched in August 2007. It has a brief history of incidents, including a November 2010 engine room fire during the second day of a voyage from Long Beach to the Mexican Riviera that cut all electrical power onboard, but resulted in no injuries.