Friday, December 7, 2012

Seattle Port Approves Growth Program

The Port of Seattle Commission on Dec. 4 approved a 25-year program that it says should position it to help create 100,000 new jobs in the region while at the same time reducing the port’s environmental footprint.

The port’s Century Agenda program identifies four strategies for the port to pursue with its business partners and stakeholders, augmented by four regional initiatives that identify near-term opportunities for regional coalitions to collaborate.

The port’s strategies and objectives include positioning the Puget Sound region as the premier international logistics hub; advancing the region as a leading tourism destination and business gateway; using the port’s influence as an institution to promote small business growth and workforce development; and ensuring the port is the greenest and most energy efficient port in North America through implementation of a multi-faceted approach to reduce energy use, air pollutants, carbon emissions and storm water runoff.

The four regional initiatives include strengthening access to global markets and supply chains for Northwest businesses; making Washington a preferred destination for international tourists; establishment of an educational consortium to serve the needs of maritime industry for workforce development, applied research and business growth; and fostering a coordinated effort between Puget Sound ports to support Washington state’s pursuit of a healthier Puget Sound by encouraging Puget Sound ports and other regional organizations to work together to restore the vitality of Puget Sound and protect and improve the shared environment.