Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Security Building Under Design at Vancouver USA Port

The Port of Vancouver USA  says that a new 3,600 square foot security building is being designed at Terminal 3 after construction of new grain silos at United Grain Corp. forced the demolition of the previous security building in 2010.

With the expansion of the port’s operations and sheer acreage, the new port security headquarters has to be designed as a state-of-the-art facility, according to the port.

There are multiple projects underway at the port that are part of West Vancouver Freight Access Project, or WFVA, a $137 million effort by the port to create jobs and generate revenue by investing in freight rail infrastructure.

The WFVA, which began in 2007, is divided into 20 elements, all of which are expected to be complete by 2017.

Included in the upgraded security building will be expanded and centralized video surveillance that can cover the port’s new rail entrance, Terminal 5 and other areas where new rail service and maritime operations will take place.

The port has teamed with KPFF consulting engineers and BBL Architects to design and build the office space, which the port says is on schedule to begin construction in June 2013 and be completed by 2014.