Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Container Ship Runs Aground in Prince Rupert

The Hanjin Geneva, a 915-foot German-flagged container ship, ran aground Nov. 20 at Prince Rupert Harbour in British Columbia after it changed course to avoid a small fishing boat. The ship hit a sandbar at an entrance to the harbor, according to the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

None of the 24 personnel onboard were reportedly injured.

Tugs assisted the vessel’s movement from the sandy bank where it had run aground around 10:30 pm the night of Nov. 20, and shortly before 7:30 a.m. on Wed., Nov. 21, the vessel was moved into deep water and then proceeded under its own power to berth at the Fairview Container Terminal, according to the Port Authority.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating the incident.

The Hanjin Geneva, which is owned by German shipping company NSB Niederelbelater, underwent an examination, where no indication of any damage to the vessel was found. After the vessel was declared safe and secure by the ship’s master, cargo discharge operations were allowed to proceed.

The 12-year-old ship, which is serviced at the Hanjin shipyard in South Korea, last stopped in Shanghai before the Prince Rupert incident. On Nov. 22, the ship left for the United States, where it sailed to multiple ports in Washington and Oregon.