Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vancouver Port Grain Storage Increase Planned

Winnipeg-based agriculture business Richardson International has applied for a permit to complete a $120 million expansion of its terminal facility at Port Metro Vancouver.

The company says the expansion is needed in order to increase storage capacity for grains and oilseeds to meet growing global demand.

“Increasing storage capacity at our Vancouver terminal is critical to our business,” Darwin Sobkow, Richardson’s Vice President of Agribusiness Operations said. “By increasing storage capacity and enhancing our operation, we will be better positioned to serve our farmer customers and meet increasing demand for Canadian grains and oilseeds from end-use markets worldwide.”

Richardson says its Vancouver terminal is currently operating at maximum capacity, handling about three million metric tons of grains and oilseeds each year. The company says that with growing global demand, it expects to handle in excess of five MMT of grains and oilseeds annually with additional storage capacity in Vancouver.

Richardson says it plans to build an additional concrete grain storage annex with a total capacity of 80,000 metric tons at its Vancouver terminal. The proposed project includes the installation of distribution equipment and an upgraded dust filtration system. By eliminating existing steel storage bins, Richardson says it would net an additional 70,000 tons of storage, bringing its total storage capacity at its Vancouver terminal to 178,000 metric tons.

The company says it believes it’ll take about two years to complete Port Metro Vancouver’s permitting process.