Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Port of San Diego, Dole to Sign Unprecedented Lease

The Port of San Diego and Dole Fresh Fruit Co. are expected to sign an unprecedented 24.5-year lease agreement that covers nearly 955,000 square feet of space at the port’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal and demonstrates Dole’s long-term commitment to the area.

The lease term is unique because in the past, Dole had typically chosen five- or ten-year renewals at the port.

Under the terms of the new lease agreement, the port and Dole are to work together on infrastructure improvements to improve cargo operations at the port, as well as improve the environment for the neighboring community.

The port says it plans to invest about $7 million in shore power equipment at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal that will service Dole’s vessels, as required by new California Air Resources Board regulations. The vessels will use the shore power while berthed at Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal in order to reduce their diesel emissions.

Another term of the new lease extends Dole’s operating area to a warehouse offsite of the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal, thereby eliminating truck staging and off-terminal operations from nearby residential areas.

Dole Fresh Fruit is a division of Dole Food Co., the largest importer of bananas and the second largest importer of pineapples to North America. The Port of San Diego is Dole’s first stop for fresh fruit moving into the US from South America. The port receives about 95,000 twenty-foot containers of Dole fruit each year.

A signing ceremony to commemorate this historical event will take place after 1 pm Tues., Aug. 14, 2012 at the Port of San Diego’s administration building.

Dole Fresh Fruit’s Vice President of Operations, Stuart Jablon, is expected to attend the signing along with Board of Port Commissioners Chairman Lou Smith.

The signing ceremony is scheduled to take place immediately after the start of the regular Board of Port Commissioners meeting. The Board’s expected to vote on the new lease and then recess to the lobby area to sign the document.