Friday, August 31, 2012

Port of Olympia Looking to Buy, Sell Land

The Port of Olympia Commission, which reviewed information about the proposed purchase of two downtown Olympia properties at its Aug. 27 meeting, is expected to approve buying the properties at its next business meeting.

The two parcels are adjacent to property the port owns near the downtown farmers market. The purpose of buying the properties would be to provide environmental cleanup of the sites, address parking constraints in the area and allow for future development.

The port commission is expected to approve the purchase at its Sept. 10 meeting.

The properties are currently owned by the State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Under the plan, the port would keep Parcel 1 at 608 Washington St., which Fish and Wildlife currently uses for truck, trailer and boat storage, and parking.

However the second parcel, located at 516 Washington St. and currently the site of a condemned, earthquake damaged warehouse, would be sold to LOTT Clean Water Alliance.

If the Commission approves the real estate purchase, LOTT and the port would begin environmental assessment of the sites and close on the property in six months, according to port staff.

LOTT has said it wishes to purchase the land in order to increase capacity at its water treatment facility.
The company, port and the City of Olympia approved entering into a Memorandum of Understanding that identified their interest in the Fish and Wildlife properties in November 2011.