Friday, July 6, 2012

Anchorage Port Security Guard Killed
in Dock Incident

A security guard at the Port of Anchorage was killed when the truck he was driving rolled off a dock and plunged into about 50 feet of water.

The driver, identified as Joseph Renteria Jr., 42, had been a long-term employee of Doyon Universal Services, which provides contract security services. He had been assigned to the port for about a month before his death, which occurred about 7:20 pm on July 2, according to police.

After the incident, the port released a security video to the media which shows Renteria driving west toward the water, pausing briefly and then starting to turn south down another roadway before the truck straightens and drives over a concrete curb at the dock’s edge and into the water.

Local authorities are investigating the accident, and a medical examination is expected to be performed to try determining whether a medical condition, such as a heart attack, may have caused Renteria to lose control of the vehicle.

The security pick-up he was driving will also be examined to determine any mechanical issues, according to the Anchorage Police Dept.