Thursday, June 21, 2012

Port of Astoria Receives Pier Repair Grant

The Port of Astoria has received a $1 million state grant to resurface and repair the face of Pier 2, it announced June 19.

The project is to include removing wood covering 52,000 square feet on the east side of Pier 2, replacing parts of the support structure, laying down tin and rebar and reinforcing it with concrete, according to port property manager Mike Weston.

Pier 2 currently houses three fish processors and fish off-loading and fish net haul-out areas to support commercial fishing fleets. There’s also a dock that can accommodate vessels of up to 1,100 feet at the location, as well as a 71,800-square-foot on-dock warehouse.

The port is also in the process of seeking private investment dollars to help fund potential cold storage and cannery facilities at the location.

The $1 million comes from ConnectOregon, an infrastructure grant fund provided through the Oregon Department of Transportation to pay for projects in air, marine, rail, transit and other statewide projects. The money is part of a $40 million pool of lottery-backed bonds.

In addition to the grant, the port says it has budgeted an additional $250,000 to fund the resurface and repair project.