Friday, May 11, 2012

Nanaimo Port Authority Eyes Upgrades, Modernization

The Nanaimo Port Authority, which operates the Port of Nanaimo in British Columbia, has unveiled what it calls its ”Path 2025” strategic direction, designed to address the port’s need for upgrades and modernization over the next decade.

As part of its plan, the port authority hopes to reach agreements with private companies for investment in up to 30 port land use projects.

“We need world class facilities to be competitive and to bring new economic development opportunities to Nanaimo,” Port Authority President and CEO Bernie Dumas said. ”We are reviewing how we use all our assets so we can operate our core elements effectively and efficiently while providing a stronger transportation system for Vancouver Island.”

Among the priorities, Dumas said, is upgrading the Commercial Inlet Basin and Marina in downtown Nanaimo with more commercial and transportation activities, and modernizing and extending commercial activity at the Duke Point Terminal.

A key element of the plan is transforming the Nanaimo Assembly Wharf lands into a mix of commercial and light industry uses to help spur growth.

Dumas said that the Port Authority, which runs Nanaimo on behalf of the Canadian government, recognizes that it doesn’t have all the answers and will continue to look to the business community to bring in proposals for different land use.

“Our goal is to attract new economic activity in Nanaimo with our port assets,” he said. “Our role as stewards of marine safety and sustainability means all proposals need to be balanced and considered through the lens of social, commercial, environmental and transportation requirements.”