Friday, November 18, 2011

San Diego Harbor Police Seize Weapons Cache

Officers with the Port of San Diego's Harbor Police arrested a 58-year-old San Diego man after seizing numerous firearms and explosive devices from where he was living on the San Diego Bay.

On Nov. 9, the Harbor Police removed 18 rifles, 14 unregistered handguns, a fully automatic submachine gun, four explosive devices and over 4,000 rounds of ammunition from the suspect’s residence within the port’s jurisdiction.

Harbor Police Sergeant Mike Rich obtained a warrant to search the home after being called to the residence to investigate a possible theft, according to the port.

Fred Seeber was arrested on several charges, including illegal possession of an automatic weapon and possession of explosive devices, and booked into the San Diego County Jail, with bail set at $100,000.

The weapons were impounded at the San Diego Police Department and will most likely be destroyed if the suspect’s convicted, police said.

“The main thing is that all of those guns are off the street,” Harbor Police Lieutenant James Jordan said. “Who knows where these guns could have ended up?”
The Harbor Police, which patrols the Point Loma area where the arrest occurred, is the port’s law enforcement arm and patrol’s the port’s dominion, including two maritime cargo terminals, two cruise ship terminals, 17 public parks and over 600 tenant and sub-tenant businesses around San Diego Bay.