Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vancouver USA Port Board Adopts Inflation-Based Salaries

The governing board for the Washington state Port of Vancouver agreed Tuesday to the adoption of a rule allowing commissioner salaries to be adjusted by inflation every five years.

Passed unanimously by the three-member board, the new rule replaces a system that allowed the commissioners to set their own salaries each year. Under the new rule, the commissioners will not be eligible for a raise until 2013.

Commissioners had previously cited public opposition to an annual pay raise as a major factor in moving toward the five-year plan.

The three commissioners--Nancy Baker, Jerry Oliver, and Brian Wolfe--currently receive a $500-per-month salary for their part-time work on the port board, as well as medical, dental and vision benefits.

The commissioners also receive $104 for each day during the month that they conduct business, such as commission meetings.

Under state law, port commissioners are limited to a maximum of $12,535 in annual per diem compensation.

The Vancouver commission seats are elected positions, with terms lasting six-years.