Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Matson Rebrands Three Logistics Units Under "Matson Logistics" Brand

Ocean carrier Matson Navigation is rebranding its three logistics units – Matson America, Matson Global, and Matson Integrated Logistics – under the new name, Matson Logistics.

According to Matson, combining the suite of services offered by the three entities into one brand will "better define the full range of services the Matson name represents outside of ocean transportation, including domestic and international rail intermodal service, long haul and regional highway brokerage, supply chain services, LTL transportation, specialized hauling, and company-operated warehousing and distribution."

All of the services offered will be marketed using a newly created Matson Logistics logo.

“As a company with over a century of service in the Pacific, the Matson brand is well established in the maritime industry and strongly associated with experience, commitment, innovation, efficiency and superior service,” said Matt Cox, president.

Cox said that as the firm has continued to grow and strengthen the Matson brand, it has become important to differentiate Matson as both a leading ocean carrier and as a logistics provider.

"In the past decade, Matson’s logistics services have become increasingly diversified, encompassing warehousing and distribution and moving beyond North American markets to include China," Cox said.

"To clarify and strengthen our position in the logistics industry, we will now promote our services using one brand name, Matson Logistics.”

As part of the rebranding effort, Matson has changed the legal names of the three entities to better reflect the firm's more unified approach to providing logistics services.

Matson Integrated Logistics, Inc. is now “Matson Logistics, Inc.”; Matson America Transportation Services, LLC is now “Matson Logistics Services, LLC”; and Matson Global Distribution Services, Inc. is now “Matson Logistics Warehousing, Inc.”

According to Matson, the new names are only legal name changes and do not require any updates or revisions to licenses, codes, customer contracts, insurance coverage, legal rights and obligations, or other documentation.

"We believe the rebranding of our logistics services will help further define Matson as a unique and multi-faceted provider in today’s growing supply chain services markets," Cox said.

Matson Logistics is a subsidiary of Matson, itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Honolulu-based Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.