Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wise Elected Long Beach Port Board President

As part of the Port of Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioner's annual election of board officers on June 27, Commissioner Susan Wise was elected President of the port commission by her fellow commissioners.

Wise, who was appointed to the five-seat commission in 2008, succeeds Commissioner Nick Sramek, who has served two one-year terms as President.

In her role as Commission President, Wise will serve as chair of the commission, run board meetings and serve as the public representative of the port, both to the public and the shipping industry.

Commissioner Thomas Fields, appointed to the port board in 2009, was selected by the commissioners as Vice President.

Commissioner Mike Walter, who has served on the Commission since 2005, was named Secretary.

Sramek, who joined the port board in 2007, will serve as Vice Secretary.

A fifth seat remains vacant following the resignation last month of Commissioner Mario Cordero, who is now serving in Washington, DC on the Federal Maritime Commission.
All of the new board officer positions take effect July 1.

As the governing body of the Port of Long Beach, the commission sets the financial and policy direction for the port. Commissioners are appointed by the Long Beach mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Commission terms last six years and an individual can serve a maximum of two terms.