Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Major Subcontract Awarded For Long Beach Middle Harbor Project

Development continues apace at the Port of Long Beach, with a major multi-million subcontract for electrical work on the massive Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project being awarded to a subsidiary of Fortune 500 construction firm EMCOR.

The contract with EMCOR subsidiary Dynalectric Los Angeles is actually a subcontract within a $123 million contract with Middle Harbor first phase construction lead Manson/Connolly that was approved by the port in mid-February.

The Middle Harbor project is a nine-year $1 billion modernization and consolidation of two aging shipping terminals into a more contiguous state-of-the-art container terminal with twice the current cargo capacity of the two existing terminals. The Manson/Connolly phase one work, which includes building wharfs, dredging one slip and filling in another, is expected to start this spring and take 22 months.

The Dynalectric contract will see the installation of a dock electrification system that will provide electrical power from the landside power grid to berthed container ships. Dynalectric will also install the power grid infrastructure for the Middle Harbor project so that power can be provided to ships, cranes, and area lighting.
Although financial details of the contract with Dynalectric were not immediately available, the specified electrical work in the larger Manson/Connolly contract was roughly $13 million.

The scope of work for Dynalectric includes excavation and installation of 260,000 feet of underground concrete encased conduit, underground pre-cast pull boxes, pre-cast vaults, pre-cast manholes, and a pre-cast tunnel vault. Additionally, Dynalectic will install a main terminal substation and a ship-to-shore substation.

Ship-to-shore power systems allow vessel crews to turn of their auxiliary diesel engines while at berth and draw maintenance power for the vessels from the landside power grid, thereby cutting a large percentage of the diesel emissions generated during each call.