Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guam Port Top Exec to Step Down

After just over 18 months as head of the Port Authority of Guam, General Manager Glenn Leon Guerrero confirmed Monday that he is looking for employment outside the port.
His decision comes as the second and final term of Guam Gov. Felix Camacho's administration enters the last 10 months in office before the November election.
Guerrero notified the Governor Monday that he is looking at other job options, but has yet to submit a letter of resignation or name a date for his departure.

"Like many of my colleagues in the Camacho-Cruz Administration, I am weighing my options for what the future holds for me when the current term comes to an end," Guerrero said in statement. "However, I have not stepped down from my position and I continue to serve Gov. Felix Camacho, who has been the true driving force behind all of our accomplishments here at the commercial port."

The PAG board appointed Guerrero as the port authority General Manager in July 2008.