Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Matson Raising Hawaii Rates, Terminal Charges

Joining a long list of shipping lines raising cargo rates in recent weeks, Matson Navigation Co. announced Tuesday that starting Jan. 3 it will cost an extra $120 per westbound container and an extra $60 per eastbound container to ship on its Hawaii service.

The Jones Act shipping line also said as of Jan. 3 it will be adding an extra $125 per westbound container and $60 per eastbound container to its terminal handling charge.

In a statement, Matson said the reasons for the hikes were the dual need to offset rising operating costs and to "support ongoing investments" in the line's Hawaii service.

Matson said specifically, of the terminal handling charge, that while the line continues to absorb many of costs associated with terminal operations, it needs "to pass some of the expense on to our customers."