Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Rules and Deadline for Colonet Port Bidders

The Mexican government's Ministry of Communications and Transport, or SCT, has released revised bidding rules for the West Coat port development proposed to be located at Punta Colonet about 150 miles south of the California/Mexico border.

The new bidding rules allow the participation of "potential bidders" who are not currently listed as part of the bidding team rime but may be consulted during the bidding process.

SCT also set a new deadline of November 3, 2009 for potential bidders to submit packages.

The project has undergone several revisions in the past several years, moving from an envisioned megaport that would rival the Long Beach and Los Angeles port complex, to last month's most recent downscaling which now envisions the proposed port as a 1 million TEU per year port.

Several consortiums have expressed interest in the project, which will also see the development of a double-tracked rail line from Punta Colonet to the U.S. southern mainlines.